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Tarot -
Deathsvn – Children of the Dead Sun MC

Dark and doomed epic heavy metal from Chile!

Eternal giver of Life
We pray for your Death

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Road Warrior – Ignition MC
New SuperTed-red edition of the fast sold out 2016 demo tape. Two tracks of ultra tuff Australian power metal!

Released in conspiracy with HMH Records

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Freeways – New Drag City

Hard rock from Canada!

Taken from the forthcoming cassette three track ‘Cold Front’ coming soon on Heavy Chains Records

Picks of the Week

Medieval – Reign of Terror (High Roller Records)

Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Medieval were active during the late 1970s through to the mid 1980s, and played a primal kind of heavy metal that exudes an attitude of giving no fucks about trends or styles of the day. The result is a strange but killer mix of simple crunching heavy metal, bluesy hard rock and maybe even thrashing harder metal, that is difficult to define. The band’s style can shift from song to song, but always remains cohesive enough to be unmistakably Medieval, and always pounding hard with all knobs turned to the right. Included in this re-issue of their 1986 EP is a large fold out poster and lyric sheet.

White Magician – The Pledge MLP (Underground Power Records)

White Magician is yet another great band that features the same talented pool of Michigan musicians that make up other killer acts such as Demon Bitch, Harbinger, Sauron etc etc

On The Pledge we are treated to an unhinged metal attack that effortlessly merges erratic and complex song writing with extremely catchy hooks and melodies resulting in a magick metal conjuration! The Grand Kaiser’s great vocals are complemented by white hot guitar riffs and leads which come and go seamlessly throughout the entire EP.