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Tarot -
Tarot – Reflections MC
New cassette version of Tarot’s 2016 full length album. Includes seven tracks of majestic hard rock magic and a bonus live version of Mystic Cavern. First copies also include limited printed case.

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Sweet Torment – A Portal to Purgatory MC
Straight from the dungeons of Canada, this brand new recording showcases a heavier and more refined sound without losing the grit that makes the torment sweet!

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Iron Curtain – Guilty as Charged MC
The great third full length album from these Spanish heavy metal speed freaks. This new cassette edition includes two bonus tracks and also comes with a button and sticker.

Released in conspiracy with Dying Victims Productions

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Iron Curtain – Guilty as Charged T-Shirt/MC
Limited edition including killer T-Shirt, Guilty as Charged casssette, sticker and button.

Released in conspiracy with Dying Victims Productions

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Spectre – Silver Invaders/Stand Alone CD

Maximum heavy metal overload with Will Spectre on all instruments and vocals! Free with every order from the Heavy Chains store while stocks last.

Picks of the Week

Mythra – Death and Destiny LP (Buried by Time and Dust Records)

Mythra formed in the mid 1970s in South Shields, England while the band was still in School. By 1979 the band had recorded the Death and Destiny EP which was released that year on Guardian Records. The band’s sound is a killer display of youthful energy that is tough as nails while at the same time also features great hooks and highly accomplished song writing. Here we have great subtle guitar harmonies and leads, hard hitting drumming and excellent vocals that comes together like a mix of Diamond Head, Preying Mantis, Tank, Raven even though these young fellows predate most of these bands.

Included in this top notch LP compilation is the original Death and Destiny LP as well as other material recorded between 1980 – 82. Also included is a poster from a concert the band played with Motorhead at Bingly Hall and a 12” x 12” booklet with press articles, photos, lyrics etc , perfect to pore over while the record blasts.

Paul Chain – King of the Dream LP (Buried by Time and Dust Records)

This compilation LP released through Buried By Time and Dust contains early recordings from Paul Chain’s enigmatic and extensive solo output. The compilation opens with the 14 minute epic title track which originally appeared on the 1987 split with Sabotage. After this we are treated to the tracks from the Ash EP which range from total crushing doom metal to thrashing heavy metal, all reflected through Mr. Chain’s unique and unmistakeable mirror of violet darkness.

BBTAD have a reputation for putting together records that look and sound exceptional, and this release is certainly proof of this. Highly recommended.