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Freeways- Cold Front MC
Outstanding hard rock from Canada. Freeways take influence from the hard sounds of the mid to late 1970s, showing a nod to bands like Thin Lizzy, UFO, and Blue Oyster Cult. However is is no tribute act, on Cold Front the band has already developed a strong sound of their own, and with a debut release this strong the band has a promising future!

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Coven – The Advent MC

Killer heavy metal from Tokyo, Japan. Coven combine the melodic heavy metal emerging from the UK in the early 1980s with the distinct sound of the metallic offerings from their home country.

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Thorzel – S/T MC

Pit fighting epic barbarian metal from Brazil! Thorzel keep it fast, heavy and tough with their self titled debut full length album!

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Picks of the Week

Knifer – Don’t Say My Name​/​Strugglin’ 7″ (Rogues Realm Records)

Knifer hail from Brisbane, Australia and play dirty n mean hard rock that is more than a little influenced by the band started by a certain ex member of Hawkwind. These guys manage to push the grittiness even further and are clearly smoking their white ox without filters. The rough as guts vocals are countered by great blusey sleaze guitars, and everything is held together nicely by a natural sounding production.

This is music for being hungover on a hot day, and will appeal to fans of Motorhead and ZZ Top.

Blackmayne – S/T (Eat Metal Records)

Blackmayne were a group of horse enthusiasts from Maidstone, Kent that were active in the dying days of the NWOBHM. The band released their first (and only) album in 1985 and split up soon after, fading into obscurity.

On their self titled album, Blackmayne present us with some high energy, hard edged heavy metal that is on the heavier end of the spectrum of the UK heavy metal scene and combine great savage riffs with extremely catchy vocal hooks.

This new edition through the ever reliable Eat Metal Records includes some recently recorded bonus tracks, liner notes detailing the band’s short history as well as various photos of the band from back in the day.